Wonder ~You cant blend in when you were born to stand out~ (Part 1)

Story Time

Hello readers!! Sorry for being late.  I had some things going on. Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this edition of Story Time.

 The main character is August Pullman. (Now we know the reason I wrote it in August) Not just for the part but the whole book. (yes there are main characters in each part)

August has a Facial difference. Many people think that is the reason he did not go to school and home-schooled  by his mother. But the real reason is all the surgery He has had.  27 in total!!! But his parent decided that he should go to school.  Yes you guessed it t first he did not want to go to school. But when he was introduced to school , he met Jack Will (who August thought his name was Jackwill ) Charlotte and  Julian. You can read more about that in the…

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The Land Of Stories ~The Wishing Spell~

Hello dear storytime readers! It’s almost winter break, do you have anything planed?

Our book of the day is  The Land Of Stories. The book wrote by New York best-selling author Mr. Chris Colfer!!!!

This book is about a twin named Alex and  Conner. They discovers the fairy tale world by going into their grand mothers storybook. They were in this place called the Dwarf Forest. But they didn’t know where they was. They met a frog-man named Froggy who told them where they was. They were told about the wishing spell and traveled the world looking for all these things they need. It said they needed, A strand of Rapunzel hair,Cinderella’s Glass slipper Red Riding Hoods basket, a drop of a fairies tear, Sleeping beauty’s spinning wheel, snow whites glass coffin and the knife that the little mermaid got from the sea wich. They travel and learn about every one in their world.

I will keep the way they get it a secret. You’ve got to read the book.

Anyway after they are done collecting, they meet the evil queen.She is searching the wishing spell as well. She gets her hands on it but, Conner took out the fairies tear so the spell will not work for the evil queen. Then something bad happened. She got Alex’s tear to make the spell work. then the cabin they were in started rumbling. the cabin crashed because of the spell the magic mirror dropped on the evil queen and she vanished.

Everyone was safe and froggy said to the twins that he will take them to the fairy god mother. The twins were told that the fairy godmother was their grand mother and she magically transported them to there home.

So readers I have to end it for now goodbye and see you next time.(au revoir?)This is the Land Of Stories homepage

91 -Storey Tree House


Hi readers! And if you’re going to the next grade congratulations !

I live in Japan where new grade is in April.

So readers todays book is (Drum role) “The 91 Storey Tree House” !! 

That’s my favorite book series! That’s why I needed a Drum role. This book is about Andy and Terry . They (as always) built 13 storeys  to make it the 91 -Storey Tree House. Andy and terry would have to babysit for Mr.Bignose, their publisher. First the kids  from the Bignose family Alice and Albert and the baby. They get into serious trouble! First the kids and the baby went to the treehouse whirlpool , the strongest one in the universe! When everyone and Jill (who lives next door)  Came too . But no one could  hold their breath any more ,then Andy had the sandwich submarine from there  sandwich submarine shop in the treehouse. When they was going out Jill noticed that the kids were eating the submarine! Now everyone was in a desert island then the kids and Terry wasted all of the genies wish by getting lollipops! Jill realised that this desert island are the desert island in the treehouse. That’s all I can tell you. Ok I’ll tell you the rest. The kids went to the garbage dump. Andy and Terry didn’t know that the old wardrobe was a portale! When Andy and Terry found the kids and chased  them they fell ! And Terry says “a tomato!” at a tornado. He also says”a spycow “to the spider. When Jill went there she said to the kids that there brain was drained but she can re-fill them because she opened a learning center. Bill the postman came to tell about an escaped fortune-teller. “if you ask your brain will shrink while hers will grows”. She was Madam-knowitall! One of the level is her fortune-telling place.

That’s all and thank you for watching .   Bye!!!
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Encyclopedia brown Boy detective



Hi storytime readers! Summer is almost over!Tell me what you going to do for the next few weeks! 

Today I will tell you all about the book, “Encyclopedia brown Boy Detective “. As you can probably guess its about a boy who is a  Detective. His name is Leroy but every one in Idavill  except his teacher and parent called him Encyclopedia. You see, encyclopedia is a book that tells you about Everything. And his brain is an encyclopedia!His dad is a chief policeman. Everyone thinks he is the smartest police but he gets help from Encyclopedia at the dinner table! So he started solving problems for people! In the sign it says 

“Brown detective agency No case is too small , 25 cents  per case”

His detective work started working well. He had great reasons for saying that someone did something. At the end of the book there is solution to every case he solves.  

There is lots of other books about him so you should read this book and if you LOVE it you should read the other books too.

So that’s all about “Encyclopedia brown Boy detective”. Hope you have a great summer. I’ll see you  in September 2nd. Bye! 

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Middle School the Worst years of my life


((Summer is up! please leave a comment about what you are going to do this summer!!!!!))

Hi Storytime  readers!!!

Today we are going to talk about”Middle School the Worst years of my life” so stay tuned…

This book is about Rafe who hates middle school . He breaks rules at HVMS (Rafes middle school)every rule!!Okay alomst every rule. With the name of “operation R.A.F.E”. His first broken rule is “No playing with Fire alarm!”

He has a father named Carl but they call him Bear!I get it because he always hibernates !!!!

Also operation R.A.F.E  has a no hurt rule . That is the rule that no one gets hurt by Rafe playing operation R.A.F.E .If someone gets hurt you lose a  life !(not real life)

His Worst enemy in middle school Miller the Killer stole his  operation R.A.F.E notebook!! Rafe spends his money on the notebook,too bad!
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Who Is Bill Gates?


Hi ,Storytime readers!   Today is about the book  “Who Is Bill Gates?”.

OK,William Henry Gates III was born in 1955.

And when I read the book I was surprised because he used to rock on his rocking horse for hours!!  At seven he reads the encyclpedia  !!!!

He Had his job as a  computer programmer at  ComputerCenter Corporation  or C-Cubed.

And he worked late . Then he started at the Harvard university   !

He and a guy named Paul made programs to make this computer called Altair work.

Then they showed it to MITS. It Worked!!

Bill made a company called MICRO-SOFT.  They make cool things like MS-DOS or   The Internet!!!!!!!!!!!! Now he was the richest man in the world!!

They made a State-of-the-art badge  !

And now I want to make some new things like Bill gates.

And Read the Who What Where books. It’s  so good if you want to know about new things!

There is more but read it to find out.

OK my friends it’s the end and don’t forget to read   Who is Bill Gates?”  Bye!!
Who is Bill Gates?

Secret Agent JACK STALWART The theft of the samurai sword (Japan)


Hello ! Today I am going to tell you about the book  “Secret Agent JACK STALWART The theft of the samurai sword” ,so stay tuned!

In this book something bad happened . Some ninjas stole the sword from the 15th  century! So Jack finds out who, how and what else they stole ! With his secret agent gadget !

And let me tell you about  Jack and the GPF. He is an agent of the GPF . And he is the best agent! And the GPF is a company that people saves every thing !

Also let me tell you about  How things are here in Japan. And by the way I live in Japan!

People are planning to build an elevator that goes to the moon! They will finish in 2050!

And I want to ride that! There are lots of cool inventors or scientist in Japan. I love science!!!

And yes there was some ninjas fighting. I don’t know about this stuff yet.

The fight ended after a lot of years later. And Japan still has some swords that was used . So come to Japan and check them out ! If you see them, please send a comment about it .

That’s all for today and read the book  ” Secret Agent JACK STALWART The theft of the samurai sword (Japan)” .

You can read Jack stalwart books But only chapter one