The Land Of Stories ~The Wishing Spell~

Hello dear storytime readers! It’s almost winter break, do you have anything planed?

Our book of the day is  The Land Of Stories. The book wrote by New York best-selling author Mr. Chris Colfer!!!!

This book is about a twin named Alex and  Conner. They discovers the fairy tale world by going into their grand mothers storybook. They were in this place called the Dwarf Forest. But they didn’t know where they was. They met a frog-man named Froggy who told them where they was. They were told about the wishing spell and traveled the world looking for all these things they need. It said they needed, A strand of Rapunzel hair,Cinderella’s Glass slipper Red Riding Hoods basket, a drop of a fairies tear, Sleeping beauty’s spinning wheel, snow whites glass coffin and the knife that the little mermaid got from the sea wich. They travel and learn about every one in their world.

I will keep the way they get it a secret. You’ve got to read the book.

Anyway after they are done collecting, they meet the evil queen.She is searching the wishing spell as well. She gets her hands on it but, Conner took out the fairies tear so the spell will not work for the evil queen. Then something bad happened. She got Alex’s tear to make the spell work. then the cabin they were in started rumbling. the cabin crashed because of the spell the magic mirror dropped on the evil queen and she vanished.

Everyone was safe and froggy said to the twins that he will take them to the fairy god mother. The twins were told that the fairy godmother was their grand mother and she magically transported them to there home.

So readers I have to end it for now goodbye and see you next time.(au revoir?)This is the Land Of Stories homepage

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