91 -Storey Tree House


Hi readers! And if you’re going to the next grade congratulations !

I live in Japan where new grade is in April.

So readers todays book is (Drum role) “The 91 Storey Tree House” !! 

That’s my favorite book series! That’s why I needed a Drum role. This book is about Andy and Terry . They (as always) built 13 storeys  to make it the 91 -Storey Tree House. Andy and terry would have to babysit for Mr.Bignose, their publisher. First the kids  from the Bignose family Alice and Albert and the baby. They get into serious trouble! First the kids and the baby went to the treehouse whirlpool , the strongest one in the universe! When everyone and Jill (who lives next door)  Came too . But no one could  hold their breath any more ,then Andy had the sandwich submarine from there  sandwich submarine shop in the treehouse. When they was going out Jill noticed that the kids were eating the submarine! Now everyone was in a desert island then the kids and Terry wasted all of the genies wish by getting lollipops! Jill realised that this desert island are the desert island in the treehouse. That’s all I can tell you. Ok I’ll tell you the rest. The kids went to the garbage dump. Andy and Terry didn’t know that the old wardrobe was a portale! When Andy and Terry found the kids and chased  them they fell ! And Terry says “a tomato!” at a tornado. He also says”a spycow “to the spider. When Jill went there she said to the kids that there brain was drained but she can re-fill them because she opened a learning center. Bill the postman came to tell about an escaped fortune-teller. “if you ask your brain will shrink while hers will grows”. She was Madam-knowitall! One of the level is her fortune-telling place.

That’s all and thank you for watching .   Bye!!!
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