Encyclopedia brown Boy detective



Hi storytime readers! Summer is almost over!Tell me what you going to do for the next few weeks! 

Today I will tell you all about the book, “Encyclopedia brown Boy Detective “. As you can probably guess its about a boy who is a  Detective. His name is Leroy but every one in Idavill  except his teacher and parent called him Encyclopedia. You see, encyclopedia is a book that tells you about Everything. And his brain is an encyclopedia!His dad is a chief policeman. Everyone thinks he is the smartest police but he gets help from Encyclopedia at the dinner table! So he started solving problems for people! In the sign it says 

“Brown detective agency No case is too small , 25 cents  per case”

His detective work started working well. He had great reasons for saying that someone did something. At the end of the book there is solution to every case he solves.  

There is lots of other books about him so you should read this book and if you LOVE it you should read the other books too.

So that’s all about “Encyclopedia brown Boy detective”. Hope you have a great summer. I’ll see you  in September 2nd. Bye! 

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