Who Is Bill Gates?


Hi ,Storytime readers!   Today is about the book  “Who Is Bill Gates?”.

OK,William Henry Gates III was born in 1955.

And when I read the book I was surprised because he used to rock on his rocking horse for hours!!  At seven he reads the encyclpedia  !!!!

He Had his job as a  computer programmer at  ComputerCenter Corporation  or C-Cubed.

And he worked late . Then he started at the Harvard university   !

He and a guy named Paul made programs to make this computer called Altair work.

Then they showed it to MITS. It Worked!!

Bill made a company called MICRO-SOFT.  They make cool things like MS-DOS or   The Internet!!!!!!!!!!!! Now he was the richest man in the world!!

They made a State-of-the-art badge  !

And now I want to make some new things like Bill gates.

And Read the Who What Where books. It’s  so good if you want to know about new things!

There is more but read it to find out.

OK my friends it’s the end and don’t forget to read   Who is Bill Gates?”  Bye!!
Who is Bill Gates?